What is the Uni-election?

Aalborg University is a huge organization where management, secretaries and teachers are constantly making decisions that influence us as students.

These decisions range from the quality of the coffee in the canteen to whether the quality of our education is good enough and whether what is taught is relevant to us.

To make sure that the students and staff also have a say, we can be elected to sit in different organs - the Study Board, the Department Council and the Academic Council.

Why run?

It is important that we as students get involved in the different boards and councils to ensure that the students have an influence on the development of new study programmes, evaluations, exams and the study environment.

We have a daily contact with our education and co-students and therefore we have a good insight into what works, and what absolutely doesn’t work.

But am I qualified?

Yes! Being a student already makes you qualified for the task - and if you're in need of extra knowledge, Studentersamfundet will be there for you.

We will provide a network of peers you can use when you’re in doubt, and we’ll also arrange bootcamps and other social events, where you can meet the other elected student representatives from around the University.

Deadline for signing up is October 29th.